Sustainability in  Hospitality segment – A necessity for the modern enterprise 

The hospitality industry is witnessing a significant shift in consumer attitudes towards sustainability, spurred by increasing awareness and interest in eco-friendly practices. Additionally, with the rising popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), and the urgent need for EV chargers, hotels are expected to embrace sustainable practices in order to meet the growing demands of their guests.

In response, brands that demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices are likely to attract more customers. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, offering EV charging stations can be a strategic way for businesses to enhance their sustainability profile and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. By doing so, these brands not only meet the needs of existing EV owners but also position themselves for growth as the EV market expands in the future.

In accordance with new regulations, hotels seeking a 5-star qualification must provide charging stations for electric vehicles in 10% of their parking lot spaces. The charging equipment should be approved by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), and the vendor should be approved by the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC). This requirement ensures that EV owners can access reliable and safe charging solutions at 5-star hotels in compliance with industry standards. 


Establishing your brand as a sustainability leader 

By installing EV charging at your business, you signal to potential guests that you are ahead of your competitors. Furthermore, you get to participate in the green revolution and shape public opinion, positioning your hospitality business as a sustainability pioneer. 

Challenging objectives to meet 

For instance, the Global Hotel Decarbonization Report published in 2017, claims that the hotel industry must reduce its emissions by 90% by 2050. Reaching these targets will require fast and far-reaching action. 

How to navigate and where to begin? 

The electric vehicle charging market is relatively new, therefore before hoteliers   can   decide   to   install   chargers   on   its premises, consulting help would be required to evaluate the opportunity, determine the best location for the EV charger, layout and design that will be most convenient for guests and model the revenue/cost equation. Hence, they would need a partner equipped with right competencies, end-to-end brand agnostic solution and 24/7 support. 


If you’re considering offering EV charging services to your guests, partnering with Electromin (SEC certified company) will integrate you in the biggest network of charging devices in GCC/KSA. We understand that EV charging requires a different set of skills, but you don’t need to worry about that when you choose our end-to-end solution comprising of SASO approved equipment and the latest technology. From start to finish, we handle everything, including the installation, maintenance, and billing/payment processes, leaving you to focus on your primary business goals. 

By working with Electromin, you can offer your guests a valuable service with different price models as per your preference. We take care of all the nitty-gritty details of operating your EV charger(s), so you can concentrate on delivering an exceptional guest experience. So, partner with Electromin today and let us handle your EV chargers while you focus on your core business. 


  • When it comes to EV chargers at a hotel, customers have specific needs that should be addressed to enhance their experience. Firstly, they require access to reliable charging stations for their electric vehicles, as sustainability is a top priority for many EV owners. Additionally, customers may need to reserve or pre-book charging stations to ensure availability during their stay. 
  • To provide convenience to customers, charging stations should be located in a safe and easily accessible area, preferably near their parking space or in a designated EV parking area. Clear signage and instructions on how to use the charging stations can also improve the customer experience.

Furthermore, customers may appreciate faster charging times or the ability to charge multiple vehicles at once. This will allow them to maximize their time at the hotel and explore nearby attractions without worrying about their vehicle’s charge.


Enhanced customer loyalty – offering EV charging on your premises would make your location even more desirable. Keep your ‘green’ guests coming back for more by offering them EV charging. 

Appeal to guests who spend more – Studies indicate EV drivers customarily have higher than average household incomes. This means attracting these guests is good business. 

Get an excellent ROI – With networked EV charging, EV drivers can easily find your business using EV charging apps or in-dash systems, and they often seek on-site amenities while charging. By offering charging on your premises, you can attract new customers and unlock new revenue streams. 

Electromin Mobile App – Additionally, the Electromin App would serve as a power tool for efficient customer acquisition and as an extension of a customer loyalty program through its out of the box features and functionalities. This would consequently help serve in data driven marketing for your potential target audience. 



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