Print Charger capacity/ kW 3.7kW EVLINK Wallbox 7.4kW Terra AC 22kW Terra AC 7kW to 22kW EVLink Pro 22kW Elite T 50 kW Raption 50 +150kW Si-Charge-D Charger Type Level-2 Level-2 Level-2 Level-2 Level-2 CCS,CHA, Type-2 (Based on model) 2*CCS2 or (1*CCS2 & 1*Chademo) Optional: AC Type-2 - 22KW Socket Outlets 1 1 1 2 1 2 or 3 Based on model 2 or 3 Based on Model Max Input Voltage 220VAC Single Phase 220VAC Single Phase 400VAC Three Phase 380VAC Three Phase 400V AC Three Phase 400VAC Three Phase 400VAC Maximum Input Current 32 Amps 32 Amps 32 Amps 32 Amps 32 Amps 108 Amps 301/332/423/515 -
Petromin proudly launches Electromin, a technology-led company that aims to set the cornerstone for a better tomorrow, by building the future of electric mobility in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Electromin is committed to creating bespoke, future-ready e-mobility solutions catering to advise, products, infrastructure, operations, and maintenance across residences, workplaces, and public spaces.
In another feat of electrifying Saudi Arabia, Electromin, an e-mobility turn-key solutions company and subsidiary of Petromin Corporation (“Petromin”), is enabling the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services (MOTLS) to pilot an Autonomous shuttle operation
Saudi Gazette report JEDDAH — The total number of the electric vehicles (EV) that Saudi Arabia has imported reached 71,209 so far. Al-Eqtisadiah stated that the imported cars, according to the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA), included electric and the hybrid vehicles. Since the start of 2023, Saudi Arabia has imported 711 EV so far, while it has imported 13,958 EV in 2022. Eight countries have acquired a large share of Saudi Arabia's import of the electric vehicles since the start of the current year. The US has come in top with 465 EV, followed by Germany with 97 EV, then Japan with 81,
In a further boost to promote e-mobility in the Kingdom, Electromin, a smart-mobility solutions provider under Petromin Corporation, has announced the rollout of additional DC chargers to be installed across key locations in the country, establishing charging corridors connecting major cities. These DC chargers will be added to Electromin’s existing network of +100 AC chargers across the Kingdom, installed in 2022. Electromin’s customer-centric mobile application backs up the charging network and is currently free to charge for the public. Its also the first company in the Kingdom to offer a public charging solution using SASO-approved chargers. Electromin’s charging network provides a complete spectrum
Partnership aims to revolutionize e-mobility solutions in Saudi Arabia. RIYADH: Tawal, an ICT infrastructure service provider, signed a strategic partnership with Electromin, a technology-driven electronic vehicle solutions and services provider, during the second edition of the LEAP tech conference with the aim of enhancing the Kingdom’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure. “We are pleased to launch this partnership with Electromin, a leading mobility solutions provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We seek to launch initiatives and programs that help mitigate the negative effects of environmental challenges and contribute to the Saudi Green Initiatives in achieving net zero emissions by 2060,” said TAWAL
Saudi Arabia is set to become a hub for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing within the next few years. Speaking at Davos to regional daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Saudi Investment Minister Khalid Al-Falih shared news that the Kingdom will become an automotive manufacturing hub that will produce 500,000 EVs annually by 2030. The goal of producing half a million EVs follows a raft of automotive manufacturing announcements over the past twelve months. In May 2022, Lucid publicly stated its intention to assemble EVs locally. This was followed by the launch of Ceer, the first Saudi EV brand. At the end of 2022, Hyundai
RIYADH: In a bid to accelerate the growth of electric vehicles in Saudi Arabia, Siemens agreed to supply EV chargers to Electromin for its planned development of a Kingdom- and region-wide charging network. The move will address one of the most critical concerns of people who wish to buy EVs, which is charging their vehicles if they run out of storage and get stuck on the road. The agreement will ensure supplies of Siemens’ advanced EV infrastructure technology for Electromin’s network, including the ultra-fast Sicharge D chargers that use direct current and the smart Versicharge AC wall or pole mounted units that
RIYADH: Saudi sustainable tourism development company Red Sea Global has signed a deal with Electromin and Energy International Corporation to deliver a carbon-neutral, electric mobility network to its Red Sea development. Electromin will assist in the supply of an electric bus fleet in collaboration with the Chinese company Yutong and the European manufacturer and supplier of electric vehicles, EURABUS. The fleet of zero-emission electric buses, which will be used initially to transport employees around the site, marks the company's first smart sustainable integrated transport network. “This deal is the first step on the road to a fully integrated mobility network spanning land, sea and air,
Electromin will promote, distribute and service Quantron AG products in Saudi Arabia with an initial focus on BEV last-mile vehicles like the Quantron QARGO 4 EV. Electromin has entered a strategic partnership with sustainable e-mobility pioneers, Quantron AG. Electromin is a turnkey e-mobility solutions company wholly owned by the Petromin Corporation (“Petromin”), a leading mobility solutions provider in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration combines Electromin’s expertise in the entire e-mobility ecosystem with Quantron AG’s industry expertise in the field of electrified commercial vehicles and makes Quantron an attractive partner for existing OEMs. As a high-tech spin off of the renowned Haller KG, Quantron AG
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