Sparking Curiosity and Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders: Electromin at Nahda Academy

Sparking Curiosity: Hands-On Exploration


During our first visit, our goal was to ignite their passion for sustainability through hands-on exploration and creativity. The students were introduced to the fascinating world of electric vehicles, learning about the importance of sustainable transportation and how it can positively impact our environment. Through engaging activities and discussions such as building a car with a clothes peg, making a circuit with a bulb and treasure hunts, we were able to capture their imaginations and fuel their interest in creating a greener future.


Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders: Meaningful Discussions and Real Experiences


Understanding the power of education to inspire change, we facilitated meaningful discussions with secondary school students about the significance of sustainability that supported their Environmental Management class. We explored the role of electric vehicles in reducing our carbon footprint and the benefits of sustainable practices for our planet. The highlight of this experience was giving the students the opportunity to interact with electric cars and use an Electromin charger. The experience offered not only deepened their understanding and showcased the practical applications of what they learned but also how they could apply critical thinking to their own coursework back in their classroom.


Electrifying Experience: E-Karting with Future Innovators


Following the activity days, we ran competitions across the school to cement their learning. To reward the hard work and creativity of the entrants, we teamed up with Saudi Motorsport Company’s JCC Karting circuit to provide an exhilarating experience: E-karting. The 40 all-female lucky winners arrived at the circuit, excited to be given the opportunity to try out the Electromin-branded E-karts.


Celebrating the Future


This CSR activity at Nahda Academy was more than just an educational initiative; it was a celebration of the potential within each student to drive positive change. At Electromin, we are committed to fostering a sustainable future and empowering the next generation to push the boundaries of what’s possible whilst also educating our customers on how they too can contribute to a sustainable future today.

Whether you belong to an educational institution or are a business looking to transition to electric mobility, please get in touch to see how we can support you on your electrification journey.

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